Rules of Artistica



  • The gymnasts wait quietly in the hall / by the clothes rack until practice begins.
  • The gymnasts stand on a line when training begins and ends, your coach will show you.
  • Appropriate clothing for the training and the hair in a ponytail/braids or similar hairstyle.
  • The gymnasts may not use the equipment without the coach’s permission.
  • Leave the water bottle on one of the tables in the hall.
  • Respect other gymnasts and give them the opportunity to concentrate on their training.
  • Respect the coaches and follow their instructions.
  • After the training, everyone helps cleaning up.
  • Always try your best and concentrate on the training
  • Keep a positive attitude towards gymnastics.
  • A gymnast is a good friend and makes sure that everyone can be part of the group.
  • A gymnast uses a polite and correct language.
  • Phones are prohibited during training! Keep your phone on silent mode in your bag. The coaches have contact details to the parents/guardians if needed.
  • Filming and photography during training is strictly prohibited with reference to the gymnasts’ privacy.


As a parent/guardian of a gymnast in NGK-Artistica, your task is to support the gymnast in her/his sport. Below, as a parent/guardian, you can take part in the rules that apply to you:

  • Parents and other relatives are asked to leave the gym or sit in the parents’ area (office) while the training is in progress. Give the coach and the gymnasts peace and quiet by respecting this.
  • As a parent/guardian, you are responsible that the gymnast’s and your own information is correct in the association’s register (Hoika).
  • The gymnasts are the parents’ responsibility until the training begins.
  • Be on time! It disturbs other in the group if the gymnasts arrive late or leave early. Also pick up the gymnasts on time! Children under age 10 should be dropped off and picked up inside the gym.
  • We expect the children to want to practice gymnastics and assume that they will come every time, but of course this is not always possible. Notify at least 2 hours in advance to one of your coaches if the gymnast for some reason is unable to come to practice or is sick.
  • Support your child in her/his sport. Send the gymnast dressed in training clothes and hair fixed to practice. We offer all members the opportunity to buy our club clothing. An order for these is always made in the autumn. For safety reasons, training clothes should not have zippers or other protruding details. The clothes should preferably be tight-fitting, otherwise they risk coming off during, for example, handstands.
  • Notify the coaches if your child has any special needs or allergies.·       If the gymnast has had a fever, to avoid the risk of infection, you should be absent from training for at least 24 hours after being symptom free. If the gymnast has had a stomach flu, you should be absent for at least 48 hours after being symptom free.
  • If the gymnast has any injuries, discuss this with the coach before training begins.
  • There is zero tolerance for filming and photo taking in the gym with reference to the gymnasts’ privacy.
  • Please make sure that the children have been to the toilet before training. In this case we can avoid a lot of unnecessary running back and forth.
  • If you as a parent/guardian experience problems with the gymnasts’ training, it is important to discuss this with the coaches. If you are unsure about something or have questions about the club/association, you can ask the coach or email the question to
  • We expect the club/association to be represented with respect.